IWC Scientific Committee

We strive to define essential questions and propose scientifically sound solutions. We look at temporary closures as an opportunity to gain a new level of human unity. The professionalism and expertise of SC members are our trump card and exclusive approach to problem-solving.

IWC Scientific Committee (SC), at the moment, is DI Veljko Suzić (chair, RC Sombor, RS), dr sci Ivan Miškulin (RC Osijek, CRO), m sci Laszlo Mrekva (RC Baja, HU), dr sci Mlađen Jovanović (RC Zemun, RS), h.p. spec. Natalia Meylunas (Italy) and dr sci Radmilo Pešić (RS), with supporting members mag sci Vladimir Prodanović (The Netherlands), mag sci Rudolf Tomić (CRO), Matea Tomić (CRO), dr sci Aleksandar Gajić (RS), DI Milan Novković (UK) and MSc Đorđe Marinković (HU). IWC looks with high focus at the documents of DG EC Joint Research Centre in Brussels.